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By participating in any activity, the girls learn to work together, to help others and be creative. In addition, there it is the possibility to get homework guidance. In addition, we offer catechesis for those who want. We also prepare for the first Holy Communion (also in English) and for Confirmation.

Study & talent

Study club


we have a fine study with some computers.

In a quiet environment with a homely atmosphere, you will be encouraged to spent sufficient time on your homework. At Koperwiek we have a fine study and there are some computers.
Everybody can count on
coaching at:
♦  planning
♦  study technics
♦  hearing your homework


developing study skills, tutoring.
For whom?
secondary school pupils.

Monday to Thursday from 15-18 hrs 
(minimal 1 day/week).
€ 20/month or €50/three months Additional tuition and study weekends are subject to additional costs!

Summer camp
The summer vacation offers a good chance for the clubs to organize fun activities which
at the same time, have a formative character. This allows club members and other camp participants to continue to develop and grow as a person.
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